William Adams  ウィリアム・アダムス

William Adams and Yokosuka

The main grave is considered the one in Yokosuka near the Anjinzuka Eki Anjin Burial Mound Station. The story goes he wanted to be buried with a view of Edo as he helped to protect the city with the deified Tokugawa Ieyasu. Jōdo-ji temple in Yokosuka administers the grave and claims to hold items associated with his family and the grave.

三浦安針墓  William Adams' grave

A pair of obelisks erected for William Adams (Miura Anjin) and his wife Oyuki

The origins of this monument, when it waserected and by whom, are not entirely clear. There are, however, references in letters and diaries to the 13th Pass in Hemi, Adams' former fief, that the pilot had wanted to be buried near his home, with a view toward Edo (Tokyo). It is assumed that his wife and the townspeople of Hemi erected it. There are also references to the site in other historical texts that describe annual memorial services taking place more than 200 years after Adams' death.Despite folklore of Anjin's faithful running quietly by night with the old pilot's bones from Hirado to Hemi, several other factors of the time rule against Adams being buried at or near this monument (the time lapse following his "described" burial at Hirado, the unlikelihood of the British traders allowing Adams to be cremated, the fact that the British were without a sailing license on Adams' death).But, perhaps the best proof would be the 1905 excavation of the monument by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government, with several dignitaries in attendance, to determine whether the site was really a grave. No remains were found there.Regardless, since the "rediscovery" of the obelisks in 1872 by James Walters, a trader in Yokohama, much effort has gone into honoring the memory of the departed pilot. The mound has been refurbished over several different phases. In 1874, Zenroku Anzai, a local resident of Hemi, spent his own money to build a stone plinth around the obelisks. In 1888, the area around the monument and steps up the mound were paved with stone, stone lanterns and iron railings were added. Another renovation took place in 1965.Annual ceremonies are held each April with local civilian and Japanese and U.S. military officials, and Dutch and British ambassadors in attendance. With exception of one 13-year span (spring 1935 until spring 1948), ceremonies have been held each year in Hemi.A local citizens' group from Hemi maintains the site and additional commemorative stones have been placed nearby. If nothing else, the memory of William Adams' fair treatment of the people of his fief lives on.

Jodoji Temple

2016年 逸見で行われた「按針フェスタ」にて、逸見のみなさんが踊りました!

念持仏 アダムズが持ち歩い たといわれる。(浄土寺所蔵)

The Nenjibutsu, said to have been carried by Adams (property of Jodoji Temple)